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Microsoft development technologies continue to evolve rapidly into the enterprise, from the classic Visual Basic (VB) and SQL Server implementations to the latest in .NET, C# and web services architectures.

Since the mid 1990's OCS' commitment to excellence in developing custom Microsoft applications and delivering high quality accredited OCSMicrosoft developersand resources to work with customers has grown in strength. We have over 2 decades of experience of working with our clientsdelivering either bespoke .NET development projects or providing .NET application maintenance and support services. If you require Microsoft help please contact Linda or Richard on 020 8731 4338 or email

Key Benefits

Microsoft Skills

OCS has 20+years experience of delivering a range of solutions based on Microsoft technologies, providing Consultancy, Support and Application Development for projects both on and off-site. OCSMicrosoft developersare in experienced in a range of technologiesincluding:

OCSdevelopers/ analyst programmersare experienced in a range of supporting technologies and applications:

Examples of Microsoft assignments

OCS has been providing highly pragmatic, results focused consultancy for over30 years. The following is a sample of the different types of Microsoft technology based assignments that OCS has recently undertaken:

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For further information regarding OCS' Microsoft services or to discuss our experiences of delivering Microsoft projects. please email or call 020 8731 4338.