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OCS Consulting plc provides a full range of Application and Technical Support Services

Business Systems at the heart of the operation

Significant cost and resource is invested in creating or buying systems to support business operations.  Whether they are for efficiency, automation, integration, intelligence or simply to provide improved business services, these systems are often years in development and become core to the operating of the business.  However, the skills involved in procuring or developing these systems quickly move on to new projects and they soon become the responsibility of internal IT departments be it specific Application Support or groups of IT Analysts or developers within other areas.  

Application Support Challenge

Once systems are operational, the uptime, performance and smooth operation of systems become critical.  Issues caused by environment, data and faults can be devastating either through system failure of business operation failure.  As such organisations typically put in place a multi-level structure to support the business through such occurrences.  At the centre of this are the Application Support teams / Analysts whose responsibility it is to understand the problems, analyse the cause, communicate with the business, remediate or indeed direct the issue to an appropriate team and manage resolutions.  Hence, Application Support and the provision of this service has become central to day-to-day business operations.

Application Support Services

For over 35 years OCS have been assisting organisation in running efficient and effective application support functions.  In this time, OCS has gained an understanding that the roles in this area require a wide variety of skills.  Technical knowledge is clearly important but almost of equal importance are the communication, management and customer service skills required to manage and resolve not just the issue but the impact of the issue on the business users also.

OCS can proved a range of services to assist organisations in Application Support, namely:

- Full Service Managed Application Support (on-site or off-site)
- Any combination of service levels from Helpdesk to 3rd line services
- Provision of resources, consultants to client teams across 1st, 2nd or 3rd line.

Application Support Analysts

Application Support Analysts are a unique combination of problem solvers with strong all round technical skills, personable and have excellent communication skills.  These analyst are the success factor in delivering a great service and at OCS we believe our consultants and the characteristics we value make our staff exceptional in this area.

As well as being part of our full service options, OCS Application Support Analysts are available to work within client teams as part of an established support organisation.  Be it part-time or full-time, long-term or short-term, our employees come ready with the right experience enabling them to work in teams, deal with business users and with the technical skills to help.  As with all OCS' resourcing services, OCS employees come with the added advantage that they remain with us long after the assignment ends and therefore investment in their unique client knowledge is retained and can be used time again.

Application Support Services

Built around our Application Support Analysts, OCS have developed a very flexible mix of managed service options for our clients that are currently being used by clients.  These services can contain any mix of the following components and can be delivered on-site, off-site or customised as needed.

Support Levels
- Helpdesk / 1st line
- 2nd line Application or Operational Support
- 3rd specialist technical support for Applications / Technology or 3rd party
- Full Managed Service

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
- Incident categories
- Standard and tailored support procedures

Helpdesk Facilities
- Incident logging, tracking and reporting
- Client review of incident statuses via the web
- Communication via phone and/or email

Incident Resolution
- Program faults
- Data problems
- Performance issues

Extended SLAs and Call-offs
- Planned maintenance/support
- Enhancement services

Give us a try

Three decades of providing Application Support gives OCS a pedigree ideally suited to working in this area.  So, if you're thinking about how to maintain and support your applications within your business, then email James or call 020 8731 4335.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you.