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OCS Consulting Project News Update:  Publishing

Using Technology to reform Academic Journals

OCS has been working with an international publishing house for nearly 10 years delivering Academic Publishing Portals, delivery of digitised content, access to subscription and payment gateways, Java project development, and Managed Services support. These services have allowed our client to continue to deliver its journals in more flexible and efficient ways and in turn this ensures their readers needs are met. From accessing relevant research information with speed and accuracy, to having intuitive and flexible access that’s straight-forward and easy to navigate using the latest technology. Being a staff based organisation, business and technology knowledge is retained and this allows OCS to add value to similar companies. We are now delighted to be working with a new global specialist publishing house that have recently appointed our team to deliver a challenging cross-platform solution. For further information email lindao@ocs-consulting.com

OCS Consulting Project News Update:  Fintech

Sometimes people we know take us in an unexpected direction. A recent example has taken us into the world of investment banking through our first project with a ‘Fintech’ client.

This start-up organisation is building solutions to help investors access the Electronic Traded Funds (ETF) market by providing simple to use access based on investment criteria. Several internal projects including the integration with Morningstar data has finally resulted in a market ETF selection system available on a well-known trading platform (as advertised in the FT) allowing investors to select and buy ETF’s.

Not only OCS’ first ‘Fintech’ client but also we were able to deliver our first stand-alone Azure solution fusing a combination of Microsoft Visual Studio, Azure Webjobs, Bootstrap and HTML5 technology.

To learn more please contact LindaO@ocs-consulting.com or call 020 8731 4338