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school's out for summer

School's out for Summer

There is no doubt that progress is often for the better, change is like taxes and inevitable but sometimes we hark back to the 'good' old days, when we could Pick 'n' Mix at Woolworths, read a record sleeve and even the summers were, well, summery.

Remember when you needed to fill a gap in your short term resource needs with a skilled practitioner... who wasn't a contractor, and was like a staff person fitting in with members of your team.  You may have paid a bit more but you had the flexibility of use - a week.... a month.... part-time and what's more the same resource could be there again for a few weeks, months or even years later, retaining the knowledge, the relationships, the training and the experience.  A proper IT career person, just like your team.

One of our consultants, joined us 20 years ago as a graduate, once trained he went to work for one of our clients as a Junior Developer and for 15 years on and off undertook assignments with that client on the same and different systems.  As he developed, the client recognised the value of continuity, Programmer, Analyst Programmer, Senior Analyst Programmer, Team Leader and finally as a Project Manager.

Every now and again, you might think to yourself, wouldn't it be good to have a choice - a Pick 'n' Mix so to speak, an ability to use resource in a different way, from a different source and even if its old school, why wouldn't it work for you?

OCS has been providing old school traditional IT services to major UK organisations for over 25 years.  A simple offering which says OCS permanent staff can be the extension of your internal team for those times when you have gaps that need filling but you don't want to be tied down to fixed arrangements or have your investment in knowledge discarded at the end.

So, with the summer holidays approaching, you may find yourself looking for additional resource to fill gaps, try OCS Consulting - an old school IT Consultancy.

For further information and to discuss your requirements call Linda on 020 8236 7777 or email lindao@ocs-consulting.com