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Cash Management

OCS Cash Management Solutions - Managing Cash for Profit

OCS Cash Management Solutions specialises in the development of innovative solutions in the field of Cash Automation to support organisations in the processing, handling, monitoring and control of cash resources.

OCS Cash Management Solutions Ltd was established in 2008 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of OCS Consulting plc incorporated in 1984.  With a long and successful history of providing software design, build, support and consulting services, our Cash Solutions business is specialised in providing cash management solutions primarily for Retail and Leisure companies with the benefits of:

  • independence from hardware and devices providing flexibility in the management of your hardware estate
  • rapid deployment and changes throughout the self service estate
  • single, portable software platform reducing maintenance, upgrade and deployment costs
  • automation - providing increased speed and accuracy compared to manned POS devices and processes.


We are currently supporting circa 450 installations deployed in 8 countries, including UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Finland and Canada.  

For more detailed information on OCS Cash Automation Solutions and Processes visit or alternatively email: or call 020 8731 4335.

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