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Business Analysis

OCSís Business Analysts are ready to help your business achieve its goals. With our broad range of experience across multiple industries, such as music publishing, automotive, insurance, and many more, we will connect your business stakeholders and software solutions teams, pragmatically applying modern business analysis techniques, across the full project development lifecycle. We are able to offer Business Analysts part-time or full-time, in order to assist with the peaks and troughs of your projectís lifecycle.

Our Business Analysts provide both the technical and personal skills required to offer the biggest benefits to your business, including:

Business Analysis/Analyst Services

Key Benefits of choosing OCS

Our Business Analysts are deployed in a flexible way that suits your business:

Examples of Business Analysis assignments

GDPR Implementation

OCS deployed a Business Analyst to assist Suzukiís Data Protection Officer by conducting interviews and workshops with senior managers across the entire UK operation to identify the use and storage or personal data. This was processed by an external legal specialist which identified areas for concern. The Business Analyst then worked with the clientís DPO to design and implement new processes to ensure compliance.

Business Process Mapping

A Business Analyst has been requested for various process mapping exercises, including:

Label Copy and Scheduling

A team of four Business Analysts has been integrated seamlessly into the clientís existing team. The team provides requirements analysis, specification, documentation, testing and support throughout the Software Delivery Lifecycle, for several bespoke applications used to manage the data, planning and release scheduling for a huge music and video catalogue.

Access Rights Auditing

OCS provided a Business Analyst to temporarily expand the clientís existing BA capability that was fully utilised on another project. The OCS Business Analyst was embedded within the development team and was tasked with writing user stories using a structured plain-text syntax, Gherkin. This was achieved by analysing the existing system that managed user access rights auditing and reporting, including extracting the existing SQL scripts for the developers to replicate in the replacement system. The Business Analyst then tested new development, ensuring it was fit for purpose.

For further information regarding OCS'†Business Analysis†services please email or call 020 8731 4335.

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