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alterian cmc (immediacy)

Alterian Content Management Corporate (CMC) Edition (formally known as Immediacy)

OCS has been developing and supporting Alterian Content Management Corporate (CMC) Edition (formerly known as Immediacy) over the past several years.  Content management solutions are being widely adopted and provide real business value. Alterian CMC is used by many public and private sector organisations both in the UK and internationally.

OCS provides a full range of services specifically for existing and prospective users of Alterian CMC.  From a single day consultancy to a large, fully managed project, OCS has the management and technical skills to deliver consistently high quality services.  OCS has a dedicated team trained, certified and highly experienced in designing and building solutions in Alterian Content Management Corporate (CMC) Edition who are held in high regard by clients for their responsiveness, mobilisation, flexibility and out of the box thinking when devising business driven solutions often in time sensitive situations.

OCS is an Alterian Agency Partner that implements and supports Alterian based solutions as well as Alterian related products and services.

OCS is a Certified Alterian Content Manager Corporate (CMC) Design and Build Partner and a Certified Alterian CMC Installation Partner.

OCS can provide the following Alterian Content Management Corporate (CMC) Edition services:

Alterian CMC Development:

Alterian CMC Support and Maintenance:

Alterian CMC Consultancy:

Client Experiences

The Prime Minister's Global Fellowship is aimed at developing the most talented 17-18 year olds via emersion in a six week program based in India, China or Brazil that is followed up subsequently in the UK.  OCS launched the inaugural website within 3 weeks and has extended the site to include recruitment, logistics, alumni and sponsorship management.

Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) sought to bring the international dimension to all UK students.  Selecting its partner The British Council to manage the engagement via its cultural reach and network, a challenge was placed to produce a working pilot site within 16 working days. OCS having helped on other online projects was selected for the challenge.  Five years on the website provides a collaborative community platform to UK and international schools beyond the initial vision.

Tysers Insurance as a Lloyd's broker handling around $600 million of annual premiums for risk solutions to its global client base, Tysers sought to get more from online presence, internally and externally.  The first step was a renewal of the online platform that included a refreshed website.  After successfully delivering the new online platform, OCS is now undertaking the next phase of online expansion.

For further information on OCS' Alterian Content Management Corporate (CMC) Edition services please contact info@ocs-consulting.com

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