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Customer Partnerships - Collaborative Projects

OCS has always worked with its clients to define the services our customers can best derive value from. More recently OCS has extended our customers' engagement into collaborative projects, including joint ventures. We refer to these collaborative projects as Customer Partnerships.

OCS' Customer Partnerships demonstrate many features, including:

Examples of recent Customer Partnerships are:

G4S Logo G4S - delivering an innovative solution to Cash Management in Retail

 TIW- establishing an electronic trading platform

Cheviot Trust Logo Cheviot Trust - enabling members to get access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The NAB logo The Nationwide Accreditation Bureau - bringing new customers via the Internet

Confidential Logo - joint venture: providing a new business service platform and supporting the platform whilst new market established

Confidential Logo - strategic enablement: overseeing streams within a Change program to manage transition from in-house IT to outsource provisioning

Confidential Logo - contingency projects: providing a proof of concept for a new premiums and claims platform to enable the business case to proceed

Confidential Logo

- innovative solutions: teaming with a standards body and a leading business consultancy to deliver a working
electronic messaging platform into a market with a long tradition of failed attempts.

For further information please email: info@ocs-consulting.com or call 020 8236 7777.

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