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Intelligent IT Staffing:  OCS' SaaS

Today's IT Managers must consider the increasing complexities of sustaining the capability, whilst balancing capacityForecasts are that business will seek from IT cost savings of between 20 to 40%.  Traditional approaches to cut hardware, software and services expenditure along with further optimising internal resources will struggle to satisfy the business objectives and could threaten your business.  UK IT Outsourcing offers a broader range of options and potentially larger savings.

Intelligent UK IT outsourcing can be the most effective method of meeting the challenges facing IT today.  At OCS we specialise in smaller system and application outsourcing.  Smaller systems and applications often require intimate knowledge that is difficult to divest from individuals, who are most likely staff.  Traditionally this staffing need necessitates retaining a core internal IT team or accepting the argument that there are always some losses in any outsource, i.e. disappointed business users.

OCS offers an alternative, which we call Staff as a Service - SaaS

Why OCS?

Smaller environments or niche applications have not been a concern of the traditional outsources, though OCS has been operating in this domain for over a decade.  To deliver an effective and efficient outsource for smaller IT challenges requires recognising the value of knowledge; specifically individuals' skills and experiences.

Are we really any different?


OCS has always been a front runner in delivering IT Service provisioning and management since our early beginnings as an early adopter of RAD, as a founding member of DSDM and more recently leveraging Agile.  However, OCS understands it takes more than just delivery methodology to secure the efficiencies needed to be a viable and robust UK based service provider.  We have a strong belief that it is our people and the culture we operate that gives us the biggest advantages.

Our staff provide the type and style of commitment our clients would seek from their own staff.  Yet our clients only access our staff when they need the capacity, hence only paying for the services when required, e.g. Staff as a Service (SaaS).  Obviously we operate a number of service frameworks and systems to provide service levels, but we don't make the frameworks and systems the controllers to commercial opportunism.

There is a common perception that outsource suppliers focus on Change and the upside to their revenues.  That is why at OCS we focus on knowledge, flexibility and our value to our clients.  This we call OCS' Staff as a Service (SaaS).  OCS' Universal Contract is the commercial mechanism that enables our clients to control how, when and where they secure our services, yet providing core coverage for those important yet not large IT systems and applications.

If you have enjoyed staff based IT delivery, but find through recent events that you are considering alternatives, do consider OCS' Staff as a Service and the value brought by a personalised approach.

In the past, too often rates coupled with formality, significant distance and cultural understanding delivered an IT outsource business areas often viewed dramatically different and often not very effective nor in hindsight as efficient,  OCS' outsourcing approach focuses primarily on the business objectives and devises efficient and accessible service solutions whose value derives from our innovative and flexible UK based delivery methods.

OCS' UK IT services have thrived whilst most other smaller UK IT service providers disappeared.  Why?

Because we are different where it counts.  We understand how to deliver flexible, responsive and economical services and our clients love it.

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