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the realities of agile

Project Management - The Realities of Agile

Credit crunch, recession, globalisation, convergence and divergence, compliance and many more factors are driving change faster than ever before.  IT is playing a significant role in helping organisations secure their objectives in this changing landscape.  Given IT's role as a facilitator for change (innovation, business process re-engineering etc) or cause for change (efficiencies, automation etc), how your organisation manages IT projects and systems has never been more critical.

Agile is increasingly talked about.  A project management methodology that will release the promise of IT, particularly with new technologies.  Given the promises attributed to Agile, do you feel your organisation has a high level appreciation of Agile, why use Agile, what it means, how it works and when shouldn't it be used?

Effective project management will deliver goals such as accountability, transparency and flexibility, which combined maximise opportunity to secure business objectives.  Agile is one option available for effective project management and should be part of any program consideration.  Agile's bias for business engagement and iterations facilitates earlier benefit realisation and responsiveness.  But Agile is not a panacea.

OCS has 25 years experience of Project Management within a wide range of industry sectors and "The Realities of Agile" is the latest in our series of free lunchtime seminars, known as "Brown Bag Lunches".  The 40 minute seminar will cover:

To organise a "Realities of Agile" free seminar for your organisation please contact Linda on 020 8236 7777 or email info@ocs-consulting.com.