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IT outsourcing for SME's

Many large corporations are outsourcing their IT departments to gain significant commercial advantage; but what about smaller companies…how can SME's achieve the same result?

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Drivers for IT outsourcing are many and various, though generally the underlying reasons may be summarised as cost, consistency and control. Large corporations have successfully pursued partial and in some cases full IT outsourcing with vigour. In many cases this has led to significant cost savings and operational efficiency improvements which have in turn validated the outsourcing decisions made.

Generally smaller organisations have struggled to utilize the same approach. Size is sometimes seen as a barrier to IT outsourcing and there is a perception that an organisation has to be large to gain the benefits and flexible options available. OCS’ IT outsource service for SME’s now challenges that situation.

OCS provides IT services in a variety of diverse markets and this has given OCS the insight into how to apply the benefits of corporate IT outsourcing on a smaller, SME scale. To do so, OCS assessed IT delivery functions and responsibilities between these distinctly different organisational types. From this analysis OCS identified the key aspects of an IT outsource that need to be applied to a smaller organisation and established a model which could be delivered to small companies offering the same levels of benefits, flexibility and scalability being enjoyed by their larger neighbours.

When outsourcing IT an SME needs to ensure five key services are available, namely: Management, Support, Monitoring, Recovery and Scalability. The capacity required of each service will be dependent on the use of IT within the SME and its business. As such OCS has created a capacity to implement on an individual basis the full range of services.

In practical terms what does this mean for an SME whose IT is outsourced to OCS?

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Support Packages

- each client has their own bespoke service package, which includes:

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