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Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications

As the Internet matures there is a continuing desire to improve the user interface of Internet applications.   A number of progressive organisations are mixing the established programming techniques to create Internet applications that mimic the behaviour of the desktop applications.  The result is requests to servers and processing and returning of data happen whilst the user is typing or clicking away.  This new breed is referred to as Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Key features of RIA include:

Asynchronous Javascript And XML  (AJAX) is most often associated with RIA, however Flash, Flex or Laslo are just some examples of alternative and equally successful RIA enablers.  AJAX operates between the user’s browser and the web server.  The results are page updates without the need for full page refreshes and the user can continue scrolling, clicking or typing on the page during updating. 

AJAX is gaining industry momentum with corporate initiatives such as the OpenAjax Alliance and other communities forming that strive to ensure standards and compatibilities between the toolkits are maintained.

While RIA enablers such as AJAX face the challenge of remaining cohesive as large numbers of parties adopt the approach for commercial advantage, many businesses are struggling to benefit from RIA as their platforms are not ready.  Many businesses are still in the early days of web services and building RIA most successfully occurs when a healthy stock of web services exists. 

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