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Project Management - Work Package Resourcing - Software development

At OCS we are aware that as a project manager you may require additional resources to deliver work packages.  You will have options with internal availability and/or preferred supplier offerings.  At times these options may not provide you with an appropriate option and hence you may be seeking alternatives.  Perhaps when an alternative is required OCS can help.

OCS is a specialist provider of project resources for the delivery of software based work packages.  Our expertise comes from over 25 years of software engineering, which has left us with a rich knowledgebase to draw upon when we undertake work packages.

We are able to deliver software work packages in their entirety or provide a range of relevant technical resources to enable our customers to deliver the work packages.  Examples of the sort of roles our consultants undertake:

Consider OCS as your supplementary (alternative) resource provider:

For further information please call Ty Sapsford on 020 8236 7777 or email info@ocs-consulting.com

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