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BP Logix expands channel

BP Logix Expands Channel

Industry Need for Lean and Nimble BPM Tools, New Capabilities Contribute to Dramatic Growth

SAN DIEGO, CA (Marketwire 11/02/09) - BP Logix, a developer of BPM software for business users, today announced the selection of three new resellers.  With expansion into Europe as one of the company's key objectives, these EMEA-based resellers reflect a commitment to working with both existing and new customers to optimise their product portfolios through the introduction of BPM product solutions.  Concurrent with launching both Workflow Director in March and Process Director on October 19th, these resellers reflect the acceptance of the BP Logix platform, its workflow and rules engines, business intelligence and records management capabilities, as well as electronic forms processing and reporting.

BP Logix's newest resellers include ePartner Consulting Ltd, OCS Consulting PLC and Bludis srl.  Each of the three resellers has a well-established record of business success and has identified BPM as an area of expansion and growth for its organisation.

Maurice Aroesti, Group CEO of OCS Consulting, observed, "As a UK IT service provider with 25 years of experience delivering software solutions, OCS Consulting is extremely pleased to be working with BP Logix to provide efficient and effective solutions.  The benefits of BP Logix Workflow Director are immediately obvious and OCS consultants have found the software remarkably intuitive, particularly in engaging the business users and iteratively evolving production-quality solutions.  Having worked with other automated program generators, as well as other BPM products, OCS believes BP Logix has the edge and is very excited at becoming a part of the BP Logix network in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland territories.  The development and deployment of scalable business solutions is firmly in the 21st century and with BP Logix, OCS Consulting is very much a part of this opportunity."

Concurrent with the European expansion, representative customer wins in North America include Cap Gemini, California Community Colleges Technology Center, NEC Labs, TLT Babcock and the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire.

According to Edward Skiko, CEO of BP Logix, "The outlook for the remainder of this year looks very promising.  With the release of Process Director, customer response to it and Workflow Director and the expansion of our channel activities abroad, we look forward to a successful fourth quarter - and to starting 2010 on an up note".

About BP Logix

BP Logix (www.bplogix.com) provides web-based software that provides business users with the advanced capabilities they need to provide greater agility and visibility into their business processes.  Our Workflow Director and Process Director software address the needs of business users to manage, automate, track, audit and report on critical business processes.  The products, which incorporate workflow software, rules-based business logic and forms processing, integrate with many on-demand applications and most databases.

BP Logix understands the need of Human Resources, IT, Purchasing, Accounting and Finance to administer and process changes and how to translate that for business users.  As a result, BP Logix software enables organisations to direct, drive and automate their business processes.

The BP Logix name and logo are the registered service and trademarks of BP Logix, Inc.

For further information please call 020 8236 7777.

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