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Web Support Services

Today a web presence is as fundamental for your business as your financial structure.  The deteriorating economic condition is a salient warning of when our business fundamentals are provided by organisations that don't understand their functional responsibilities.  Do you feel your current web providers understand their responsibilities to you?

Websites can present in many forms and are often the product of iterations that have evolved from anxious quick preliminary releases.  Moving your website from a menagerie of ideas to a consolidated, efficient and effective channel requires focus from the top and bottom.  Your web provider needs to understand your business objectives, understand the internet medium and be confident with technology.

Why OCS?  Are we really any different?

No, not different, just responsible

At OCS we seek to ensure we have a business case for what is being planned for your website.  The business case is not so much a document as an understanding that enables us to identify the purpose of the activities (what is the business value/contribution?), the scope of the website contribution (how will this complement, supplement or substitute other business activities?), the resources and time available (budgets, milestones and capacities must be understood if we are to plan for success).  Using this understanding we can validate what is feasible and ensure our (your website) implementations are adding value and deemed successes.


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