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Accessibility statement

OCS Consulting Plc strives to make its products and services, including its Web sites, accessible for all users, including people with disabilities. OCS Consulting Plc, our corporate Web site, has followed W3C government standards wherever possible.

In addition to making technical changes to our Web sites to provide greater accessibility, we test them with multiple assistive technologies - such as screen readers and screen enlarging software - to analyze and modify our pages. We have tried to make navigation and usability as easy to use a s possible.

Access keys

You can navigate through this website by using the just the keyboard.

The support for accesskeys varies from browser to browser however you will find below instructions to use accesskeys on the most popular browsers.

Mozilla and Netscape: ALT + 9 for example will return you to this page.
Internet Explorer users may need to click ALT+[Accesskey], then Enter.
Opera 7.02 now supports the accesskey. Opera users need to click SHIFT+ESC+[Accesskey].

The following pages have access keys assigned to them as below:

Images and fonts

We have tried to provide alt tags with all images throughout the website and used minimal images to ensure a fast download of web pages within this website. All font sizes within this website are scalable.

Browser compatibility

This website has been designed to work with Internet Explorer 6.0 on a PC. You may find that the website does not appear 100% correct on other browsers, however we have tried our level best to ensure functionality is not lost on Netscape Navigator 7.2, Opera 7.54 and Safari 1.3.

If you are visually impaired you can switch off our style sheet and utilise your own style sheet if required. To do this simply go to 'tools' and then click on the 'accessibility' tab on the general tab. From here you can locate your own style sheet and apply it to the site.


Although we continue to test and modify our Web sites for accessibility, there may be some pages developed by third-parties that are not fully compliant with our standards. If you would like further information about our accessibility standards or have problems accessing this Web site, please contact our Webmaster by email to info@ocs-consulting.com

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