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Staff Skills

Staff Availablity - UK - updated 17.08.15 - Call Linda on 020 8731 4338 / email info@ocs-consulting.com

As a staff based organisation the benefits of using OCS Consulting is that you have access to a highly skill pool of Consultants, Developers, Engineers, Analysts and Project Managers who can be provided for short durations such as a day, several days, or for a longer term commitment either full or part-time with continuity of services.  We listen to your requirements and provide our staff to match your technical or operational needs to support you in your business delivery.  Below is a brief overview of our current and future staff availability:

Java Developers:

.NET Developers:

Microsoft Reporting Analyst:

Legacy Skills:


Project Manager:

For further information on our any of Consultants, Developers, Engineers, Analysts or Project Managers please call Linda on 020 8731 4338 or email info@ocs-consulting.com

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